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Dried sweet potato of “Pico Farm”

All sweet potato is from our farm.
We do not use weed killer for harvesting our potato.
We use organic and mineral manure.

We takes 2 month to process full rapiness and make these dried sweet potato.
It is so sweet like Japanese sweets. We use Silk Sweet, the variety born in Gunma prefecture.

It is so smooth and detailed texture.
100 percent dried from the sun.
It is protected from the insect by covering net.

When you are a bit hungry, You can easliy eat it.
Even though you go outside, you can bring it with you.
It it good match with beer and cheese. Especially wine.

It is also less fat so that you can get energy when doing exercise.
You can keep it for a long time so that it is okay when you go outside for camping.
Then you can keep it in refregiator.

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