JAPAN Konjac-Kasho Konnyaku Ball!

“What is this! Really konjac⁈”

Egg/Ball konjac with a soft touch that is rolled one by one.

Not only as a spicy appetizers and oden, but also can be consumed chilled as it is.

Konjac ball is extremely delicious and suitable for adding into taraku miso, yogurt or sprinkled with black honey.
Without using any starch or mochi our, these konnyaku balls get their chewy, soft texture like warabi mochi, a traditional Japanese confection, purely by the skilled hands of their producers.

Just 5 kcal per 100g, they make wonderful guilt-free desserts paired with brown sugar syrup,yogurt or fruit sauce, or even dipped in espresso.

They are also useful ingredients in cooking stews and ajillo dishes.

Konnyakku contains plenty of ceramides and bers to make you beautiful from the inside!

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